Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nazi Of Rawson Pde Leura

Good day. I have some news. It is news in the form of a warning story!!!

I had a big fight with a woman in our street yesterday. I am normally really quiet and polite to people I've never met, so it was weird....I was yelling down the street as we walked away "get a life you sour old sod!!!!" and whatnot. Its this lady that i've seen walking her dog a lot and sometimes when me and dad are on the balcony she walks passed and dad always says to me "there is something wrong with that woman" and things like that. And I always used to say "you don't even know just see her walking her can you judge her." But at that point I didn't realize that she was the nazi who won't let anyone park on the street. I just thought he was saying that coz she seems like a bit of a control freak coz of the way she doesn't stop telling her dog off.

So Me and Rhys and Lol were driving back from the shops yesterday and there was this white car behind us....and the woman driving it was right up our bum and Rhys was saying "geeez! should I open up the boot and let her in!!!" And so we parked across the street on the nature strip and we got out of the car and she had already parked in her driveway and come up and walked up the street to our car and she attacked us. She said really rudely "Excuse me do you mind not parking your car here" And I looked up and said "oh umm sorry, but there isn't really any parking anywhere else" and she said "no excuse me you can park in your driveway" and I said "we are guests, my mum has to leave all through the day in her car so we don't want to block her"

And the woman said "well that is what you'll have to'll move your car everytime she needs to go somewhere" and we kind of laughed in disbelief" and I said "why aren't we allowed to park here? this is council is the nature strip...not you property" which she kept calling it....and she pointed at me and got really mad and walked right up into my face and started saying "Excuse me.....this is my property and I have to mow wouldn't know anything about maintaining a property....see this is the don't own a house" and she didn't know that!!! But even so thta is just an observation on the fact we are young and if we havn't owned a house we still know what is involved.....and we know our facts on what is council property and what isn't. So I said "no look it is council property and there simply isn't anywhere else to park so we will be parking here." And she said "fine, but if you come out here tomorrow and your car is scratched and bumped...well too bad because I have to mow" and Rhys got really pissed off and said "are you kidding me??? love that is your problem if you do thta and you will pay....look love you can't go threatening people like that"...."I wasn't threatening I was just asking politely"....."I don't think so....more like telling....demanding"

And I said "why do you even have to mow up here?" I was looking at the grass in disbelief coz it looked like it had just been mowed anyway!!! and she said "Excuse me....excuse me!!!" and was looking at me like i was the rudest KID in the whole world..."I have to do it so that it looks a bit nicer...not that YOU would know anything about have no idea what it is like to own a house" And I looked at her actaul property which is a house built on swamp land so it is a complete mess...and I said "well no offence but i'd start down is don't look like you've ever weeded!!!" But she continued to say that we had to remove our car and Rhys had started to walk away rolling his eyes (meanwhile I am still in a very confronting face to face position with this lady) and he said "well it'll be gone by this arvo don't get your nickers in a knot" and she said "well you've been here a very long time....coz he'd been parked there for the passed 2 days...but oh's not even her property.

And Rhys said "well what do you want me to do..park on that big fucking rock there???" and she said "Exactly"....and kept going on about how we have no idea about responsibility....and I just couldn't beleive the whole was surreal....this was a fully grown lady....middle aged making war on us coz we were parking on the nature strip around the corner and down the road from her house. The nature strip which is owned by the council anyway is outside a vacant block of land it's not even outside her house!!!! And her house faces completely away from just wouldn't even associate it with her place!!!! And the lady across the road from it also park there with us....coz her driveway is dangerous to drive up....but she has been told many a time by this psycho!!!

And my poor dad who has gout has to park there.....otherwise he has to park on this little spot up the road which is up a hill and hard for him to get out coz his foot and leg are so sore it feels like burning oil inside them apparenlty....but she doesn't care!!! She wants that patch of grass to look a bit nicer.....GOD DAMN she should get her priorities right.....i seriously wouldn't care about the grass so much that i wanted to make war on everyone in the neighbourhood. And coz i just couldn't beleive what was happening I had to tell her that she seems like an angry little person with no life.....and she told me that she wasn't an angry person....and that she does have a life.

Yeah....but dad reckons she isn't all with it. He reckons she is from right wing America somewhere where it is their right to protect their property with a gun...and they are really into individual rights...and council property means nothing to her.

But I have emailed the council complaining about her and asking them for a formal print out of the nature strip ownership regulations, So I can show her next time. But dad said to watch out coz when he worked at Oberon last year he stopped for a pee driving somewhere and got chased off someone's property by a person with a riffle. And so he thinks that this woman may possibly have one...because it is posssible to aquire one and she would probably get herself one seeing as she was brought up in such a culture which believes in such customs and rituals and whatnot.

But yeah I was walking away from her not believing that she a middle aged woman who I had never met and that she approached us like thta and that she was so passionate and anal about it, and that she wanted to fight so much. And I kept yelling out "get a life" and she'd say "i have a life" and i'd say "yeah...what defending your lawn and announcing war with all of your boring sour puss!!!....You are way out of line" and she yelled "oh grow up"....grow up!!! can you believe that!!! But mum said "good on you Amelia....she can't do that....I am glad you told her off" And dad said "yeah you've treated the situation well...she can't go doing that....and you can't just give in to someone like just be careful that she doesn't completely snap and shoot u or the car or anything. But next time just show her the legal papers on the regulations and continue not to give into her."

But I think I should put contact numbers/advertisments for councilllors / therapists in her letterbox. And photo copy some of Girlosophy is full of motivational stuff....nice pictures and self help stuff sort of....just about know I'll teacher her how to get a life. "Self-love...the most important kind of love"...."Relax, go with the flow, be an easy rider, don't try and control things or they will often take the opposite direction"...."Are you encountering resistance?.....If you are trying to control something too much and you are finding resistance it is because it is the wrong path, the negative path." ...."Karma - what goes around comes around.....what you did yesterday will bear the fruit of today....everything you do....good or bad comes back - Multiplied" Etc etc.

But we also want to get everyone in the street to park along that bit she mows just to really piss her off!!! haahaha!! or get Rhys to just park in the mddle of the road outside her place and then get everyone in the street to make a traffic jam behind his car and all toot in the middle of the night to wake her up!!! hahaaha!!!

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Tomurai said...

This was most entertaining. Gave me a good ol' laugh.

It's a shame you stopped blogging, I'd love to hear more of your stories. The way you write I feel like I'm right there in the action.

Whatever happened with this nazi lady anyway?